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More About Daily Home Improvement

Thank you for visiting the Daily Home Improvement website. We are a family-owned business committed to bringing you the most up-to-date and accurate information available. Our comprehensive cost guides, covering an array of home improvement ideas.

We started our website in 2019 as a clearinghouse for information relating to every aspect of home improvement.

After scouring the internet looking for similar resources, we were unable to find one that covered everything like the Daily Home Improvement website. Here you will find important information related to your next project, like how to find the lowest prices so you can save money.

The little information we did find was out of date and inadequate.

So, our mission was to change all that by starting the comprehensive, but easy to use Daily Home Improvement website.

Our philosophy was to use a simple model that emphasized the collection of specific guides that targeted particular areas of the home improvement projects undertaken by UK residents. The categories include subjects like rooking, gardening, electrical, and home security.

The impetus for each guide was that they be informative, relative, and easy to digest while suggesting cost-saving measures for a variety of home improvement projects (But be aware, prices tend to fluctuate from time to time).

Here are some of the topics you will find in our costs guides:

  • How long the project should last: This depends on whether you hire a contractor or DIY. In any event, the job shouldn’t take too long.
  • Details on the biggest parts of the project: This gives you a heads-up on what s to come so that you can be prepared.
  • Comprehensive cost estimates: This gives you some idea of the final costs of the project, giving you the option of expanding or reducing its size.
  • Costs saving ideas: This topic discusses innovative ways to save you money on the project, like whether or not to hire a professional, or complete the project yourself.
  • The main contributors to the total price you end up paying: Here you will be shown how some big-ticket items might affect your budget.

Who makes up the Daily Home Improvement team?

Well, my name is Mark and I started the website back in 2010. Since then, the appearance and approach have evolved somewhat. Originally, the website was conceived as a place to get free quotes from local tradesmen. Now, however, our efforts are focused on providing free guides that cover a wide range of home improvement projects.

So, whether you’re looking to do the work yourself, or need a contractor to complete the job for you, we are confident that our website has the resources to help you. Moreover, we are continually updating our guides to make sure they stay relevant.

In the off-chance that we do not have the specific guide you’re looking for, please feel free to let us know and we will make it our business to add it to our library as soon as possible.

Is arranging free quotes still part of our job description?

Of course! However, the main focus of our website has evolved into providing free home improvement costs guides. Nevertheless, we still can network with top UK tradesmen and arrange a free quote for you in seconds. If you would like to inquire about this service further, simply login to our website and fill out a short form. We arrange hundreds of free quotes every day for UK residents who want to save money.

The quotes come directly from the companies and are certified by Quotatis, Which is the operator of the network.

For your convenience, we have made available a button of each page that will take you directly to the free quote form.